Cybersecurity Awareness

An Article Written by Trainee Alhanouf Alsaghir From King Saud University about Cybersecurity Awareness.
Cybersecurity Awareness

Cybersecurity Awareness

Protecting Yourself Online in an Interconnected World

Knowledge is power, keeping your data safe and far away from the clutches of the hacking community is a need of the hour in today’s world. So, Nation should promote cyber awareness of cyber-related threats among the public people, companies and government employees and when it comes to your employees, increasing knowledge is one of the most effective ways to reduce your cybersecurity risk. 

Cyber security awareness promotes foundational understandings on cyber threats and risk, cyber hygiene, and appropriate response options. It informs citizens on best practices and proactive measures when confronted with cyber risks.

Here most beneficial security awareness tips and tricks that should be common knowledge.

Anti-virus software
Your smartphones and your computers should all have anti-virus software installed. It’s also of paramount importance to keep these applications updated. 

Email phishing
Be super-wary before clicking on attachments and links because, even though the sending party might look legitimate, there is a possibility that they might not be, the threats posed by phishing are real.

 keeping your devices unlocked
Be it a computer or a mobile phone, the electronic devices that we own contain personal data on them that can destroy us if it got in the wrong hands.

Control what you post on social media
Be very careful about what you post on social media websites. It doesn’t matter if you delete the post or deactivate your account, whatever you might have said can be retrieved and can be used against you.

Two-step authentication
Finally, always try to have two-step authentication set up on all of your online accounts.

Don’t use the same password or on separate accounts
This is where our desire for convenience ends up backfiring. If you have used a password once, don’t ever use it again; definitely not on the same account, but also try to never ever use it again on any other account. 

Password management a top priority
Setting, generating and then maintaining/storing/updating passwords astutely is something that should be practiced at the personal, as well as the enterprise levels.