This Article Written by Trainee Bandar AlOsaimi From Imam Mohamad bin Saud University #IMU

The difference between cyber security and information security
Before start Most technologists use the terms synonymously and mean the same ideas, but implicitly the essence is somewhat different, The first to comment on this term is Edward Snowden when he sheds light on what the National Security Agency is doing in the field.

Analysis of the use of the two terms in the Arabic and English languages.

Asset info & cyber?

  • Information security:

Information security focuses on protecting and securing “data” by maintaining :

  • (1) its confidentiality
  • (2) modifying it (Integrity)
  • (3) the ability to access (Availability).

The most important point in information security is information, whether stored in digital or paper form.

  • Cybersecurity:

it protects and secures all “assets” (whether hardware, software) that can be accessed using technology and communication technologies to damage them in one way or another.

Relationship between information security and cybersecurity.






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